The Rancho de La Luna Experience: History of Rock & Roll, Mezcal, and Intellectual Property

The XXII ASIPI Congress, held in Mexico City, witnessed a memorable event on December 6, 2023. Under the title “The Rancho de La Luna Experience: History of Rock & Roll, Mezcal, and Intellectual Property,” Gilberto Sánchez, founding partner of Specific IP, served as moderator, guiding attendees through a fascinating convergence of the worlds of rock, mezcal, and intellectual property.

The distinguished panel of experts included David Catching and Bingo Richey, creators of Rancho de La Luna Spirits in the United States. These visionaries shared how rock & roll, mezcal, and intellectual property intertwine in a unique experience, enriching the event with their vast knowledge and experience. The chosen venue for this gathering was the CASTLE HALL, where from 9:00 a.m. to 10:10 a.m., participants engaged in a revealing dialogue on the intersection of these cultural and commercial elements.

The presence of guests and attendees further enriched this unparalleled experience, providing a diversity of perspectives and insights that enhanced the discussion and reflection on the importance of intellectual property in dynamic contexts such as the entertainment industry and spirits production.

In retrospect, the “Rancho de La Luna Experience” event stands as a significant milestone in the world of intellectual property, demonstrating how creativity and innovation can merge with tradition and culture to create truly memorable and impactful experiences.

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