Reflexiones sobre la INTA 2024

Reflexiones sobre la INTA 2024: Un Encuentro Inolvidable en Atlanta

Last May, our founding partner, Gilberto Sánchez, enthusiastically attended the prestigious INTA 2024 Annual Meeting in Atlanta. This event, recognized as the world’s largest gathering of trademark professionals, provided a valuable opportunity to interact with influential experts in the fields of intellectual property and business.

The historic city of Atlanta, known as the birthplace of Coca-Cola’s trade secret, was the perfect setting for this meeting. The city’s vibrant culture and global connectivity provided an ideal environment to foster collaborations and expand our professional network. With an estimated attendance of over 10,000 colleagues, Gilberto and Eduardo engaged in in-depth discussions and gained cutting-edge insights on legal and business topics.

The event’s theme, “The Business of Innovation,” highlighted the transformative influence of creativity and technology on intellectual property strategies. Through their participation, Gilberto and Eduardo managed to stay at the forefront of industry trends, enhancing their business knowledge and significantly contributing to our firm’s intellectual property strategies.

The meeting not only offered valuable learning opportunities but also the chance to establish new connections. Gilberto seized every moment to exchange ideas and explore potential collaborations with other industry professionals.

We are excited about the next steps and the potential collaborations on the horizon thanks to this enriching experience. See you at the next INTA meeting!

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