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SPECIFIC IP is a Law Firm specializing in Intellectual Property. We offer experience tailored to our clients’ specific needs, both at the national and at the global levels. We provide a combination of personal and quick response service, making us a boutique Firm with the experience and solidity of the major Law Firms.

Our Practices

At SPECIFIC IP, we understand that Industrial Property is a set of rights held by a natural person or a juridical person over an invention (patent, utility model, topography of semiconductor products, complementary protection certificates for medicines or phytosanitary products), an industrial design, a distinctive symbol, trademark or trade name.

“It is a type of law through which the State acknowledges its holder’s (its owner’s) proprietorship over a technology (patent), product name (trademark) or a specific design (industrial model and drawing) and grants said holder the monopoly of its market exploitation, while requiring the fulfillment of a series of obligations (payment of fees, the exploitation of the invention, the usage of the trademark…) (Rights and obligations of the holders of Industrial Property rights)” Department of Patents and Technological Information.

At SPECIFIC IP we have expertise on the legal norms and principles that affirm the moral and patrimonial rights granted by Law to authors, for the sole fact of having created a literary, artistic, musical, scientific or didactic work, whether published or unpublished. It promotes respect for intellectual creation through the education, dissemination and enforcement of the legal principles in force based on it.

At SPECIFIC IP we represent our clients’ interests before governmental authorities in the three arenas: federal, state and municipal, as required.

Through litigation, we advise our clients from the stage of analysis and through the resolution of the matter at hand. We achieve this by means of proposals, concessions, authorizations, permits, licenses, fines and other sanctions, challenging acts from authorities which affect or infringe upon our clients’ rights. The high degree of specialization in the area of Intellectual Property ensures the defense of our clients’ interests.

SPECIFIC IP understands that technological advances are currently becoming increasingly complex, which creates the need to both register distinctive signs and to file patents to protect our clients and avoid litigation costs. It is often easy to describe inventions by means of drawings and through lengthy written explanations. Clear and accurate drawings provide support in patent applications, facilitating the understanding of the technology and its related claims.

Moreover, at SPECIFIC IP, we undertake the protection of our clients’ rights preventing, through legal procedures, the infringement of the Intellectual Property rights which have been granted to them.

At SPECIFIC IP we are aware of the importance of amparo proceedings for our clients; that these proceedings are a means of constitutional procedural defense of the Mexican legal system which have as their objective the defense, in this case, of the Intellectual Property and/or fundamental rights established in the constitution, as well as in the International Treaties in which Mexico is involved, when said rights are violated by general principles, acts of Authority or by individuals specified in the Law.

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Our Expertise

The Industrial Property Law is a vital tool for all companies or entities that have the need to protect their creative and/or business assets, which can cover anything from an artistic creation to a new manufacturing process. At SPECIFIC IP, we have a team of specialists in Intellectual Property and full-weight litigants, who turn the complex world of Intellectual Property into something that is easily understandable; we always advise the most effective, practical and useful options in order to make our clients’ lives easier.

At SPECIFIC IP we offer a full service: Intellectual Property, Copyrights, Administrative Litigation, Litigation in Industrial Property matters and Amparo proceedings.

We have experience in SPECIFIC areas, such as:

  • Trademarks ®, as well as their monitoring
  • Opposition to trademark registration
  • Copyrights
  • Industrial designs
  • Patents
  • Technological agreements and licenses
  • Franchises
  • Trademark protection
  • Launching of new brands (national and foreign).

The manner in which we offer and perform our services guarantees the best results for our clients.

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Our People

Oscar Ochoa


Oscar Ochoa

Agro-industrial Engineer graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Agricultura de Chapingo. He has an MBA in Gestion International des Industries Agroalimentaires, by the IGIA, France and Certificate Program Studies in Industrial Property by the Universidad Panamericana. He is an Expert in Industrial Property authorized by the Federal Tax Court in April, 2000. His ample experience in the field is endorsed by over 30 years of practice.

Gilberto Sánchez


Gilberto Sánchez

Our Founding Partner, Gilberto Sánchez has over 20 years of solid experience as an attorney specializing in Intellectual Property matters. He has a keen knowledge and an integral vision in said matters given that he had the opportunity of working for many years at the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), becoming independent afterward and working as a consultant and attorney for national and international companies. He is a member of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce).

Eduardo Vázquez


Eduardo Vázquez

Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, with Specialized Studies in Intellectual Property Law at the same institution. With over 20 years’ experience, he has held different positions at the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property. He has participated as a speaker in several seminars and certificate programs relating to that topic and he has given conferences relating to intellectual property topics in different universities and forums. He is a tutor in the General Course on Intellectual Property taught by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).